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Job Opening at SHC - Join our Team!!

We are looking for a registered psychotherapist or social worker that specializes in couple and family counselling 

If you have any interest in joining our wonderful team please email

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Picture of Saima Zaheer

Saima Zaheer

M. Ed psych, RP, CTIC

Director of Clinical Services | Registered Psychotherapist | 

Certified Trauma Integration Clinician

Saima Zaheer, Clinical Director at SHC, is a  Recognized Clinical Supervisor by CRPO. She has over 21 years of experience in the field and has been providing clinical supervision for over 15 years to psychotherapists and interns. She has worked with well-renowned universities in Ontario including the University of Toronto, Tyndale, York University, Yorkville to name a few.

She believes that strong clinical supervision plays an integral role in a therapist's professional growth. Her philosophy for clinical supervision is to provide a supportive, respectful, structured learning and growing environment. 

As a supervisor, she values her supervisees’ knowledge, perspectives and insights. She provides a safe space to increase self-awareness, explore assumptions without judgement and build an understanding of how one’s own values and biases inform their work. Her goal is to enhance awareness, skills, and confidence in their work through ongoing support, guidance, and mentoring. 

She ensures to share her own expertise in working with diverse client populations and modalities that help guide her supervisee’s work.     


  • Case Consultations

  • Case Conceptualizations

  • Increasing cultural competence

  • Specific training on working with diverse populations

  • Recommendations for readings related to the practice

  • Support for navigating private practice

Clinical Supervision Options

Individual Supervision

Duration: 60 mins

Fee: 150 plus HST

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Dyadic Supervision

Duration: 60 mins
Fee: 90 plus HST

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Group Supervision

Small groups of 5-6 participants are created based on experience, expertise and interest to maximize the benefit of all participants.

Duration: 120 mins

Fee: 135 plus HST

Group Supervision is open to Registered Mental Health Professionals practicing in Canada & US

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